All About UKV PLC

United Kingdom Vinters is a privately owned small organization that specializes in the consulting of wine purchasing. Due to the nature of the organization, they are not owned by any producer of wine but work together with a network of various wine brokers so thus there is no bias in their services. UKV PLC also allows for any types of meetings between its staff and its potential clients at the client’s comfort.

The types of wine that UKV PLC sells include the following: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagnes, Italian, and Spanish. Please keep in mind these are only the main types of wine while there can be multiple brands under each one.

UKC LPC has accounts on both Facebook and LinkedIn with both being frequently active as well as having adequate amounts of information on them about the organization. The FaceBook account is the more active of the two however as its feed is full of articles related to wine that are posted anywhere between two to three times throughout a single day. News articles related to wine are also posted on their official website, but their FaceBook account is more active in comparison. Overall, UKV PLC is active on social media and clearly cares about the industry they are based upon.

Purchasing wine through UKV PLC is a wise move for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, UKV PLC clearly shows from their social media activity that they are completely aware of any new developments within the wine industry making them very knowledgeable about it. Considering their vast network of brokers it’s very possible you can acquire the wine you desire for a cheaper price than other locations have it at. Finally, their expert consultation can help you pick the type of wine you need.

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