Sam Tabar of FullCycle Energy Company Offers Good Investment Strategies


While business may sound exciting and rewarding, it comes with massive huddles before achievement. That is why Sam Tabar of FullCycle Energy provides long-term investment strategies to Americans and the world.

Sam Tabar is the founder and chief operating officer of FullCycle Energy. He is known as an investment mogul. The commencement of his career dates back to 2001 when he joined a company called Skadden, Arps, Meagher & Flom LLP.

That was in 2001 where he served for three years. He quit joining Sparx Group Company, an investment advisory firm. At Sparx Group, he was in charge of the business development department, and he worked until 2010. He later joined Merrill Lynch as the head capital strategist in the Pacific Asia region. Learn more about Sam Tabar:


In 2013 September, Sam Tabar served at a company called Schulte Roth & Zabel. He was a senior associate responsible for handling the hedge funds. He also controlled the formation of hedge funds as well as restructuring and monitoring of the compliance issues. Following his successful ventures, he was appointed the chief operating officer of FullCycle Energy Fund. With his knowledge in finance, Tabar has been helpful at FullCycle Energy Fund.

According to, Sam Tabar has progressively assisted with the development of hedge funds for technology and energy-saving machines. With his in the docket, the primary objective of the firm has been to replace expensive fuels in the environment with economic and environment-friendly fuels.

The company, therefore, developed plants that generate electricity through solid waste. The result led to the upgrade of the existing facilities to operate through the same mechanism.

Investment Skills

Being a man with vast knowledge of investment and conservation, Tabar writes articles on investment strategies. It is his way of sharing knowledge with the aim of empowering the society. In January 14th, 2015, he wrote an article with tips for saving. Tabar cautioned people to invest in diversified portfolios.

The result of this action is to spread risks in various platforms so that if an economic recession hits one docket, the others survive. According to Tabar, commodity markets are more volatile compared to stock markets as well as mutual funds. He, therefore, advises investors to consider weighing their options carefully before investing.

End Citizen United Goes Stronger

All over the world, the campaign period is usually an opportunity for wealthy people to spend large sums of money. Unfortunately, neither the source of the money nor the intents are clean. In most cases, the wealthy people pour billions of dollars into political campaigns with the single-minded goal of buying power. With it, the people’s right to a free and fair election as well as representation by the best candidate is bought. The birth of End Citizen United in 2015 was, therefore, good news for every patriotic American.


Fighting Back


In 2010, the Supreme Court made what is now popularly known as the Citizens United decision. It allowed corporates and unions to donate money in support of favored candidates. As a result, there was the entrance of big Political Action Committees (PACs) which have the power to raise and spend huge and unlimited sums of money. The ruling, however, did not deter concerned citizens from fighting back against a few people who were—and still are—only interested in pushing their own agenda and have no respect for accountability or transparency. Thus, End Citizens United was born.


Strength from the Roots


Taking the form of a traditional PAC, End Citizens United derives much of its support from the grassroots. The overwhelming support it has received from the American people is proof that they are ready to push the big money train out of the political tracks. Additionally, its supporters have shown their dedication in elimination of Citizens United and fighting for reforms in the financing of campaigns in America with the hope that lawmakers will take the cue and pass the necessary laws.


Giving Billionaires their Own Match


In just the first three months of 2017, the group has collected more than $4 million from its 100,000 donors—40,000 new. It expects to raise more than $35 million—up from the 2016 $25 million collections—before the midterm congress elections in 2018. Nevertheless, End Citizen United works as a traditional-style PAC and does not accept more than $5,000 in donation from an individual. In spite of the self-limit, the group emerged among the biggest Democratic financial supporters in the 2016 elections.




Apart from agitating for reforms in political campaigns financing, End Citizens United supports candidates who are ready to help fight Citizens United and bring the campaign finance system onto the right tracks. Most of them are Democrats. However, the PAC supports candidates who are usually threatened to be quashed by wealthy individual donors and big corporations with special interest in the outcome of elections as well as other groups and big PACs which pump large amounts of money whose sources cannot be accounted for into political campaigns. This is one step in the right direction for America.



Is Wen Best for You?

Wen is known for its plant-based ingredients and natural ingredients that boost the health of the hair. Several celebrities have even tried WEN and say the hair care line has nourished and transformed their hair.

If you’re still not fully convinced that the QVC advertised line is best for you, this Bustle review by Emily McClure may be helpful.

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When McClure went out with friends at the end of the week, her friends commented on a Twitter photo on how healthy and shiny her hair was. This was confirmation for her that the conditioner was definitely working.

Overall, Emily says that she would recommend Wen conditioner and that the product did improve the condition of her hair. She also says that Wen is ideal for women who wash and heat-style their hair often, and for women with thin hair.

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