Whitney Wolfe Puts Time Into Expanding Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is a leader in the dating app industry, but this may not have always been her intention. It appears that she was simply a young entrepreneur that had been frustrated with the dating apps of the past.

Whitney Wolfe realized that she did not see a great representation of women in the dating app world, and this curious entrepreneur wanted to do something to change this. That may be the reason that she has become such a powerful force with the company that she created called Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe wanted to create a very interesting app that could change how women were looking at the concept of dating. They would finally be the ones that were in charge when it came to the apps. Whitney Wolfe knew there was a lot of action in the dating app world, but as a businesswoman she wanted to be able to get a platform in place for other business women to connect. That is why she has worked hard to create an online social media platform called Bumble Bizz that could also bring about a networking path for women as well.

Whitney Wolfe is part of a male-dominated culture. She knows how hard it is for other women to connect with like minds when it comes to business ideas and opportunities. She wanted to give more females to ability to advance their careers by connecting with other female leaders that were already established. She knew that she would have a great chance to develop a popular dating app, but she also wanted to take a leap of faith in connecting business professionals with one another as well.

Wolfe continues to branch out into new territory. She has also created the Bumble BFF app for those that are interested in building friendships.

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