Jim Tananbaum: A True Success

A Closer look at Jim Tananbaum:

Jim Tananbaum is founder of Foresite Capital. Mr. Tananbaum focuses on daily operational as well as financial opportunities in order to build as well as strengthen franchise healthcare organizations. In addition, Jim Tananbaum was worked with various Foresite Capital Portfolio Companies. Tananbaum has had a major impact on the internal organizational structure of Foresite Capital.

Previous business experience includes the creation of two major bio-pharmaceutical companies. In addition to Jim Tananbaum’s bio-pharmaceutical organizations he also maintained two healthcare practices. Tananbaum founded Gel-Tex Pharmaceuticals. When Gel-Tex created the drug “Renagel” it brought the organization close to one billion dollars in annual revenue. Two decades after the launch of “Renagel” and it still produces billions for Gel-Tex each year.

Jim Tananbaum also founded Prospect Venture Partners. The company was so successful that Prospect Venture 11 and 111 quickly followed. In addition, Jim Tananbaum was also a partner for a short time at Sierra Ventures. Mr. Tananbaum always had an interest in the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry.

Mr. Tananbaum has also invested in various companies including Amira Pharmaceuticals as well as Jazz Pharmaceutical Company. Tananbaum’s main goal throughout his successful business career was to create a “Stable Investment Platform”. Once a “Stable Investment Platform” is established just about anything can happen. It seems Jim Tananbaum has has a great deal of success within the business world.

Jim Tananbaum has some impressive education credentials. He earned a B.S. from Yale University as well as an M.D. from Harvard Medical School. In addition, Tananbaum also has an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. Tananbaum always stressed the importance of higher education. View his crunchbase profile for full details.

Jim Tananbaum has also served on various Advisory Boards. In addition, he also served on the President Advisory Council at Yale University. Mr. Tananbaum is a highly respected businessman. In addition, he has been featured numerous times on the Bloomberg Network as well as CNBC Business.


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