Amicus Therapeutic Develops Drug For the Rare Genetic Disease; Fabry Disease

Amicus Therapeutics is an innovative biotechnology company focused on developing advanced therapies to treat rare and orphan genetic diseases. Their corporate headquarters are located in Cranbury, New Jersey. They also have international headquarters located in the United Kingdom and other locations in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, and Netherlands. Amicus Therapeutics is not just a company that only focuses on developing treatments for a disease ( They also focus on the patients and their family. They believe in connecting with patients on a personal and passionate level. Every treatment developed has to be able to make a meaningful difference in the patient’s lives. They make sure that every decision for a treatment is made as if they are personally living with the disease or as if they are caring for a loved one with the disease.


Currently, Amicus Therapeutics has a lead product candidate by the name of migalastat. Migalastat is a treatment being developed for Fabry disease. Fabry disease causes damage to the nervous system, heart, and the kidneys. The symptoms differ from person to person, but they can be very severe and begin at an early age. When diagnosed with Fabry disease, the individual has to receive long-term medical intervention which can be very costly.


A genetic mutation in the X chromosome, specifically in the GLA gene, causes the disease to manifest. Due to the mutated GLA gene, the enzyme alpha-Gal A is not produced or is not stable enough to reduce GL-3. The accumulation of GL-3 leads to progressive and irreversible organ damage. Amicus Therapeutics designed migalastat to prevent the accumulation of GL-3. If an individual makes alpha-Gal A in their cells, the oral drug binds to the enzyme, stabilizes it, and enables it to reach the lysosomes to degrade the accumulated GL-3 (SeekingAlpha).


Migalastat is currently in the late stages of development, and it has full approval for use in the European Union. Amicus Therapeutics is also in the process of developing treatments for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a genetic disorder that causes skin blisters, and Pompe Disease, a lysosomal disorder that causes muscle weakness and respiratory problems.


Personal Cyber Security: A Necessity for Your Business

The technological advancement that has been experienced in the recent past in the world of IT has continued to pose great cyber security threats to people with no Personal cyber security. It is notable that new hacking skills have been advanced making the online platform a risky working area (NYTimes). According to research, the trend of funds that have continued to be lost through hackers has continued to rise making personal cyber security a necessity.

The severity of the cyber-attack is increasing given that people are aiming to take their business online and fetch the large market base ( Personal cyber security should be enhanced for all the businesses that are conducted online. Hacking and destroying personal information from your computer is the new method of hacking. The hackers do not require you to work online, but through their advancements, they are able to retrieve money from you by blocking your access to personal information. One should ensure to have a personal cyber security from a reputable firm like the Rubica, a digital security and privacy company. Rubica provides a personal cyber security to its clients that is always updated to ensure that the clients do not risk losing their business, funds and personal information to hackers (LinkedIn).


Eli Gershkovitch Loves Craft Beer

Canada is a haven for many wonderful things. The vast North American nation is known for friendly folks, tasty maple syrup, gorgeous cities and more. It’s even known for amazing options in craft beers. People who want to experience Canadian craft beer at its finest can enjoy so many terrific choices these days. These craft beers come from all different parts of the nation, too. Some examples of the best Canadian craft beers of the moment are Wee Heavy Scotch Ale, Holy Smoke Scotch Ale, Dooryard Organic Ale, Blueberry Cream Ale and Red Racer Pale Ale. These craft beers originate in parts of Canada such as Moncton, New Brunswick, Surrey, British Columbia, Campbellford, Ontario and beyond. These beers are suitable for enthusiasts with all kinds of palates and preferences. They can come in handy for people who have penchants for revitalizing brews that are optimal for warmer temperatures (Blogwebpedia). They can work out well for folks who are fond of tastes that are somewhat hearty and rich. They can even be great choices for individuals who admire bittersweet flavoring. The beauty of Canadian craft beer lies in the fact that it caters essentially to everyone. All beer aficionados can join in on the fun.


Eli Gershkovitch is a big name in the craft beer world nowadays. Eli Gershkovitch works as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Steamworks Group of Companies. Eli Gershkovitch is an experienced craft brewery expert who knows how to get things done. When he’s not busy working his magic in the craft beer universe, he’s a pilot who’s traveling high up in the sky. Eli Gershkovitch has been committed to craft beer for a long time. He’s been involved in the field for well over two decades at this point. His interest in craft beer only goes stronger and stronger by the day as well. He established Steamworks Brew Pub back in the middle of the nineties. Eli Gershkovitch worked nonstop to make Steamworks Brew Pub a success. He was the perfect combination of patient and devoted. Eli Gershkovitch is an intelligent craft beer professional who is constantly working and learning.

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Osteo Relief Institute Leading the Fight Against Arthritis

Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease is the most common type of arthritis disease. Arthritis exists in different forms, and there are more than 100 known types of arthritis disease. Arthritis is a disease that affects the joints and is associated with aging and commonly affects women. It is estimated that more than 50 million adults in the US alone have some form of Arthritis and it is the leading cause of disability in the US.

Osteoarthritis degenerates the cartilage and the soft tissue located in between the joints. According to Dr. Mathew CiRullo Osteoarthritis breaks down the cartilage which wears away over time then the bones start grinding against each other leading to pain, swelling, and stiffness. With time the joints lose strength, and the pain becomes chronic. Osteoarthritis has no known cure; however, there are many treatment options that can help manage the joint pain and they include daily routine, exercises, and medical treatments (ReporterExpert). People who are at risk of getting this disease are those that have excess weight, issues of genetics and family history, age, and previous injury.

Osteo Relief Institute is one of the best arthritis medical institutions that use the state of the art technology in treating osteoarthritis resulting in lasting pain relief. The main institution objective is to help individuals avoid surgery using safe and effective treatment methods that have little to no downtime.

Osteo Relief Institute is made up of multidisciplinary clinics which consist of board-certified physicians and physical therapists. The clinics are spread in different locations, and each of them is independently owned and exhibits the highest standards of patient-centered care and communication. All the staffs of Osteo relief institute are highly trained in their areas of expertise.

Osteo Relief Institute uses technology and treatment methods that are all FDA approved and cleared for use meaning that an individual visiting one of their clinics will not lack a solution. The Institute is headquartered in New Jersey and has a team of doctors that believe patients should be treated like family and is dedicated to helping an individual get the pain relief they deserve.

If you have the following symptoms of arthritis, grinding knee, pain when using stairs, have a swelling on your lower joints, or experience pain in your spine, arms or leg then you should visit one of Osteo Relief Institute clinics for diagnosis and treatment.

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Essentials to Pick From Glen Wakeman, the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC

Throughout his professional path, Mr. Wakeman has become famous for his role as a revolutionary authority. He is famously applauded for his high spirits in the entrepreneurial journey, where he has continued to scale to higher heights each dawn. In most of his responsibilities, Glen Wakeman endeavors in the creation of M&As, offering guidance to startup ventures, and developing new performance methodologies. Glen is also passionate about mentorship, and you realize his line of duty allows him to engage in mentoring, something that has put him entirely into the limelight (BusinessWire). During his initial days in his career, he held influential positions in several corporations including Doral Financial Corp., GE Capital, and Nova Four where he served as the founder.



Glen’s Abilities Influence His Immense Successes



Glen Wakeman has sufficient experience in a broad range of fields. Becoming a successful investor did not just come in a fortnight. Wakeman is an MBA holder in finance, and also a BS holder in economics, skills that significantly helped him raise the bar in his entrepreneurial path. He is now rated an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, and writer. Since he was born to inspire, Glen Wakeman concerns himself with issues that are impactful to the entire community. For this reason, he frequently writes about a broad spectrum of topics including monetary economics, risk management, business execution, and regulatory strategies. He is also well-informed about the emerging trends in the current market, which makes him an all-around authority.



Special Ways Through Which Glen Maneuvers the Emerging Markets



In the current times, most people have ideas but lack ways of implementing them. Glen offers a leaf that people can pick from his book. For Glen Wakeman, his daily initiatives revolve around matching ideas with money. His zeal got triggered when he realized that increasingly many startups are failing despite formulating good ideas. He evaluated the situation, and that was when he found out that people simply lacked sound structures around their well-thought ideas. According to Glen, most people go wrong because of mistaking concepts for a plan. His desire to enlighten the world on these issues got him developing a software, which blossomed into LaunchPad Holdings.

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Dr. Mark Holterman is a passionate doctor focusing on improving lives

Dr. Mark Holterman graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from the Yale University before joining the University of Virginia to pursue his MD and Ph.D. in Medicine and Immunology. He is currently a teacher at the College of Medicine, University of Illinois. His main focus as a teacher is pediatrics and surgery (Crunchbase). He is a member of the ADA, American Diabetes Association, and is dedicated to advancing medicine and finding a solution for chronic conditions relating to health matters.


Due to the high rate of diabetes occurrence in teenagers and kids, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and ADA joined hands to address the issue. They did this through engaging the kids and teenagers in physical exercises and creating awareness on healthy choices when it came to eating habits ( This was in the bid to decrease the numbers of people at the risk of getting diabetes at a young age. They reached out to children from various areas to ensure that a wide scope was covered.


With his experience in surgery that amounted to over 20 years, Dr. Mark played an active role in the formation of The Hannah Sunshine Foundation. This Foundation has a goal of catering to children who are diagnosed with rare diseases. They do this using regenerative and cellular therapies. For the diseases that can be treated but have no known cure, they are trying to break ground in finding the cure.


Dr. Mark Holterman is also a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics. His main focus is surgery for kids and he is actively researching on ways to get permanent solutions for some diseases such as cancer. He has performed surgeries at the St. Francis Medical Center, Rush University Medical Center and Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. He currently resides in Illinois. He achieved his residency and fellowship from the University of Virginia and the University of Washington respectively.


Apart from pediatric surgery, Dr. Mark Holterman conducts general surgeries. He has earned four awards to date and he is affiliated with Loyola University Medical Center, Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center and St Alexius Medical Center among others. Dr. Mark Holterman is passionate about his work and he has improved the lives of many people in the community he serves.


Simplest way to Fight Phantom Energy Drain

Phantom load, vampire power, idle current, and Wall wart; whatever you want to call them, the fact is they will get your energy bill up higher than you anticipated. They will suck energy even when you are not using your plugged in devices. Though the amount of energy they take may be trivial, over time, it can add up to hundreds of dollars annually.


By shutting off the energy to your coffee maker, studies show that you can save about a dollar a year. Now add up to all the devices, from game consoles, computer screens, printers, microwave, cable modem, scanner, speakers, stereo, Blu Ray player, alarm clock, cell phone charger and much more (Facebook). You might be surprised how much energy will be in use, even these devices are just there waiting for your attention. If you cut power to your DVR, you can save as much as $36.80 in a year. The whole entertainment system when combined can reach $130 in a year, and that quite a saving.


Taking action will cut back on phantom power; well, it will be a hassle to crawl behind the TV or computer every time you want to use it, but it is worth it (


Basically, diligence is all you need to get back your overspent money on phantom drains. Shut down the gadgets and batch them into a single power bar and you will be off this unnecessary demise. Newer devices called smart strips can be quite a help, they completely turn off devices in groups. More importantly, keep a watchful eye on your spending.


Stream Energy is one of the companies that offer energy products as well other services you require to keep your family life running smoothly. The company is a leading provider of connected life services in Texas. For more than a decade Stream Energy has innovatively used direct selling to revolutionize the energy industry. Whether it is powering your tools or keeping lights on, or cooling your home, the company has been at the forefronts in making the life of thousand Americans running smoothly.


Stream Energy connected services work seamlessly together in a way that fits customer’s lifestyle and budget wherever they might be located; whether its Texas, Maryland, or Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington, New York or Illinois. Whether you are just on a limited budget or would like to know what to expect on your energy bill, the company has the perfect plan for you.



The Founders of Fabletics Come Together to Cover Every Aspect of Customer Relationship Building

Kate Hudson realizes that she cannot stay in the acting world forever. She has put a lot of time into acting over the years, and she has made a name for herself with this career. As a middle-aged actress, however, she knows that the roles that she probably has a movies are now limited. She is someone that will eventually transition into an full-fledged entrepreneur now that Fabletics is her main priority.


Hudson has already started to put a lot of her other things like movie roles on the back burner in order to bring more of her vision and marketing strategies to the Fabletics brand. This is where she has been pounding the pavement and getting word out about this retail athletic clothing line for women.


Kate is well aware that the competition is steep. She is not deceived in thinking that there are no other brands out there. What she realizes, however, is that she does have a competitive advantage because she is the co-founder that is also on the front lines. When she is competing with other companies Hudson has realized that there is no person in place that has taken a front line position.


In order to build her brand she realizes that someone would have to step out. When people look at Fabletics they see that Kate Hudson is that person. She is one of three co-founders, but the other two business partners have things under control behind the scenes. They are the ones that are looking into what customers want and taking all the feedback to their customers are giving. They are connecting with customers and improving customer service on the back end. This is Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.


On the front line Kate Hudson is the person that is exploring the possibility of luring new customers to the site. This is a wonderful connection because there is someone in a position of power on the front and back in. Kate Hudson, and this trio has worked well together within the last decade.


Most people that have seen this brand will agree that Kate Hudson is someone that is really serious about building her company up. She is not someone that is just sitting around and waiting for some type of change from some unseen force. Hudson realizes that in order to attract customers that she has to be on the front line and willing to hear what customers are saying.


She knows this because she is listening to what they are saying through social media. Hudson is taking the feedback that customers are giving when they sign up for the VIP membership. This is something that can be even more important as people connect to the brand with a strong line of social media content. People are going to embrace what this company is bringing forth in upcoming years as they make plans to open more stores. There are at least 100 new stores on the way within the next three years.

Contributions of Troy McQuagge to USHEALTH Group

Troy McQuagge has achieved success in most of his ventures, and he is currently the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group. His significant achievements have seen him receive a lot of accreditation from many individuals as well as a vast number of organizations.

Troy was recently honored by the One Planet Awards as the CEO of the year, and this proves of his expertise in the field of entrepreneurship. Troy`s excellent leadership skills have seen him increase the total sales of USHEALTH Group and diversify its operations in a vast number of countries. Read more: Troy McQuagge Honored as Most Innovative CEO of the Year: Insurance in the Annual 2016 CEO World Awards

One Planet Awards put into consideration all the required aspects of leadership, and in the course of their evaluation, they also focus on a vast number of companies both the profit and nonprofits ones. Besides, the organization also evaluates the various considered firms to the economy of the countries.

The awards are also a form of reinforcement and encouragement to the elected leaders to continue working hard towards the development as well as the establishment of the firms to more countries.

Besides the Pone Planet awards, Troy has also received many other awards as an owner of his considerable expertise and contributions towards the growth of USHEALTH Group.

In addition to that, Troy has a vast experience in the Insurance sector due to the many companies that he has served. He started working in 1983, at Allstate insurance company, where he helped the firm maximize its total profits through the vast number of sales that it made.

Troy later moved on to the United Insurance Agency, where he highly contribute to the growth of the firm. His excellent leadership skills saw him acquire a bigger position as the president of the enterprise till he later moved on to serve in more insurance companies.

After landing a significant role at USHEALTH Group, Troy has not turned back, and he has always put a great effort towards developing the firm into a global venture. Troy`s skills are second to none, and his achievements are a real definition of success.

Troy has always had a significant commitment towards achieving the best, and through the vast experience he has gained in the insurance sector, he looks forward to helping other individuals develop their skills through his sharing nature.