The Founders of Fabletics Come Together to Cover Every Aspect of Customer Relationship Building

Kate Hudson realizes that she cannot stay in the acting world forever. She has put a lot of time into acting over the years, and she has made a name for herself with this career. As a middle-aged actress, however, she knows that the roles that she probably has a movies are now limited. She is someone that will eventually transition into an full-fledged entrepreneur now that Fabletics is her main priority.


Hudson has already started to put a lot of her other things like movie roles on the back burner in order to bring more of her vision and marketing strategies to the Fabletics brand. This is where she has been pounding the pavement and getting word out about this retail athletic clothing line for women.


Kate is well aware that the competition is steep. She is not deceived in thinking that there are no other brands out there. What she realizes, however, is that she does have a competitive advantage because she is the co-founder that is also on the front lines. When she is competing with other companies Hudson has realized that there is no person in place that has taken a front line position.


In order to build her brand she realizes that someone would have to step out. When people look at Fabletics they see that Kate Hudson is that person. She is one of three co-founders, but the other two business partners have things under control behind the scenes. They are the ones that are looking into what customers want and taking all the feedback to their customers are giving. They are connecting with customers and improving customer service on the back end. This is Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.


On the front line Kate Hudson is the person that is exploring the possibility of luring new customers to the site. This is a wonderful connection because there is someone in a position of power on the front and back in. Kate Hudson, and this trio has worked well together within the last decade.


Most people that have seen this brand will agree that Kate Hudson is someone that is really serious about building her company up. She is not someone that is just sitting around and waiting for some type of change from some unseen force. Hudson realizes that in order to attract customers that she has to be on the front line and willing to hear what customers are saying.


She knows this because she is listening to what they are saying through social media. Hudson is taking the feedback that customers are giving when they sign up for the VIP membership. This is something that can be even more important as people connect to the brand with a strong line of social media content. People are going to embrace what this company is bringing forth in upcoming years as they make plans to open more stores. There are at least 100 new stores on the way within the next three years.

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