Malcolm Casselle – The International Entrepreneur Leading the Worldwide Asset eXchange to Greater Success

According to the article published in the Medium, the creation of the WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange), a decentralized platform that allows people to take part in a virtual game assets marketplace, demonstrates the tokenizing power in-game items. WAX is going to decrease transaction costs, create games marketplaces in which it wasn’t earlier possible transferring assets, and fractionalizing player profits from the centralized exchanges. Tokenization allows virtual asset ownership, creating a new, economy that is more accessible with the potential of expanding into physical assets.


One of the greatest difficulties to tokenizing assets has always been determining how one could monitor and make sure tokens on the blockchain stay tied to their asset. The multi-layered governance approach of WAX creates administrative overlook by token holders themselves supervision by the token holders themselves. Usually, the virtual asset exchange procedure is conducted through users who are responsible for the transfer of items, called Transfer Agents, Guilds (their supervisory committees), rating systems, as well as a delegated proof of stake (DPOS) consensus algorithm.


If it happens that Transfer Agents fail in performing their duties, the reputation and financial stake of Guild is going to be affected. If Guild doesn’t take just proper against the Transfer Agents who are underperforming, token holders are not going to re-elect them to oversee their game. That economic feedback loop assures the tokens of the Worldwide Asset eXchange stay linked to their virtual asset.


About Malcolm CasSelle


Malcolm CasSelle is currently the WAX President and OPSkins CIO, which is the leading marketplace for buying as well as selling items that are from online video games. CasSelle was previously serving as the CTO and President at tronc, (previously Tribune Publishing) managing rapid growth properties that were leveraging digital assets.


Before he was the Digital Media GM and SVP at the SeaChange Int’l, which is a company that acquired his firm Timeline Lab, where he used to serve as the chief executive officer. It’s a leading solution for businesses to discover, display, as well as measure, engaging content that is based on social signaling.


Before, CasSelle led many startups in the current digital industry, which include MediaPass, a number one digital subscription solution to the major media companies, the joint venture of Groupon with Tencent in China, and Xfire, which is a 22-million gamer social network.


Essentials to Pick From Glen Wakeman, the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC

Throughout his professional path, Mr. Wakeman has become famous for his role as a revolutionary authority. He is famously applauded for his high spirits in the entrepreneurial journey, where he has continued to scale to higher heights each dawn. In most of his responsibilities, Glen Wakeman endeavors in the creation of M&As, offering guidance to startup ventures, and developing new performance methodologies. Glen is also passionate about mentorship, and you realize his line of duty allows him to engage in mentoring, something that has put him entirely into the limelight (BusinessWire). During his initial days in his career, he held influential positions in several corporations including Doral Financial Corp., GE Capital, and Nova Four where he served as the founder.



Glen’s Abilities Influence His Immense Successes



Glen Wakeman has sufficient experience in a broad range of fields. Becoming a successful investor did not just come in a fortnight. Wakeman is an MBA holder in finance, and also a BS holder in economics, skills that significantly helped him raise the bar in his entrepreneurial path. He is now rated an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, and writer. Since he was born to inspire, Glen Wakeman concerns himself with issues that are impactful to the entire community. For this reason, he frequently writes about a broad spectrum of topics including monetary economics, risk management, business execution, and regulatory strategies. He is also well-informed about the emerging trends in the current market, which makes him an all-around authority.



Special Ways Through Which Glen Maneuvers the Emerging Markets



In the current times, most people have ideas but lack ways of implementing them. Glen offers a leaf that people can pick from his book. For Glen Wakeman, his daily initiatives revolve around matching ideas with money. His zeal got triggered when he realized that increasingly many startups are failing despite formulating good ideas. He evaluated the situation, and that was when he found out that people simply lacked sound structures around their well-thought ideas. According to Glen, most people go wrong because of mistaking concepts for a plan. His desire to enlighten the world on these issues got him developing a software, which blossomed into LaunchPad Holdings.

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