Micahel Lacey and the Math of Tomorrow

Michael Lacey, a Mathematics professor at Georgia Institute of technology has contributed to the work of Erodos, one of the most prolific mathematicians ever, under some of the subfields of study.

Exploring the depths of math at a level that most cannot comprehend, but will eventually benefit from, Lacey has worked feverishly to try to close the gap of political barriers in the progression of math applications at the university where he studies. Since the days of Aristotle, the largest barrier has really been credibility. It is high time that barrier was reached and crossed, for the benefit of all. Read more: Michael Lacey | About.me and Mike Lacey | Crunchbase

Lacey began studying at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he wrote his Thesis on probability under Banach spaces. That eventually led to the resolution of algorithms with relations to harmonic analysis. Today this previews work has led to the attempt to combine the community in an effort to better bypass the credibility issues resulting from such research.

It is a fascinating thing to see how little times have changed since the days of Aristotle on people not believe what can be. It is not just to know what is, but rather to have the ability to measure it and understand how it works. Only then can we harness that information and use it to the betterment of the world.

Lacey has worked to create communities where mathematicians can come together and work to resolve the issues that exist. That site would have articles that could be accessed and read for further elaboration and field study.

Think of it like an online MIT Pinterest for mathematicians. It would be a wonderful way to try to show the credibility of each project as it goes forward. It could even help gather funding under the right circumstances for the various areas of research that have yet to be completed.

As the idea goes forward, Lacey and other mathematicians with him are on the cusp of a new world that involves theoretical math that is open to a community of people that can expand on that idea and make a world where things are better understood.