“Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall: One Stop For Destination Fun!”

If there is any one thing Roberto Santiago knows well its venture capitalism and success! Roberto has been involved in many prosperous and affluent professions throughout his life. He has authored books, written and directed screenplays, worked in various entertainment sectors and built one of Brazil’s biggest shopping destinations, Manaira mall. Manaira is so loved and offers so many things to do that people from all over the world come to Joao Pessoa, Brazil just to explore the shopping and entertainment options. Roberto left no stone unturned when constructing the mall. There’s something for all ages. There is a beautiful space to host various venues as well. Santiago is well-regarded for his business perspicacity and ability to recognize potential both in the capital ventures and entertainment industry.


Since the mall’s inception in 1989 it has seen four additional expansions between the years of 1993 and 2007. Entertainment wise, the shopping center has bowling alleys, 3-D theatres, amusement parks, arcades, game rooms and gardens. For people’s convenience there are banks, gyms, a countless array of restaurants and even a university. For parties and other venues there’s a tremendous ballroom and hall on the buildings terrace. It can hold over 8,000 people alone. Some of the kinds of stores that the famous mall offers are candy shops, coffee shops, cosmetic shops, jewelry stores, cosmetic companies, hair salons and fashion and fitness wear. The food options are incredible with most of all cultural influences offered. There is even a Division of Motor Vehicles, a police station and a public defender’s firm within the mall.


Roberto Santiago has authored numerous books. His children’s novels are particularly popular and include the beloved “The Protectors,” “John and the Machine of Fear” and “Strangers in Time series.” His football novels , “Los Futbolísimos,” has ranked as one of Brazil’s largest selling Children’s books. It has been so popular that it was interpreted into several dialects. In 2006, Roberto was nominated Best Adapted Screenplay for his film, “The Longest Penalty In The World.” His most recent theatrical Works are listed in chronological order below.


  • The Happiness of Women (2008)
  • Sexual Perversions in Chicago (2010)
  • To Say No (2013)
  • Lady Chatterley’s Mole (2014)
  • More Basque surnames (2015)
  • Topos, Based on Real Facts (2015)
  • Adolescent (2015)


Roberto Santiago has been a very influential contributor and innovative leader among several sectors of industry in Brazil. With the contribution of the Manaira Mall he has positively impacted the Brazilian economy and brought thousands of jobs to the surrounding communities. Even with his great successes he continues to be involved in the community and contributes to many wonderful causes that fosters Brazilian life and youth.

Finding A Good Parking Space At Manaira Shopping From Roberto Santiago

It is established that Manaira Shopping is one of the best places people will visit. It is a big mall that offers plenty more to customers than just shopping. However, there is one issue that people have to think about when they are going to a mall like Manaira Shopping. They have to think about the parking. Often times, great places tend to fill up with parking. Fortunately, Roberto Santiago has thought about his issue and has made it so there are plenty of parking spaces. Many of the stores and entrances have their own parking spaces. Therefore, the customer does not have to worry about driving around for long periods of time before finding a parking space.

They also have parking services for people that would prefer it. Given that Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is a huge and popular place, it is only right that there would be someone that is willing to help with the parking. This will save the customer a lot of confusion and frustration as he gets ready to go into the mall for his purposes. Even with the long ride to find a parking space, the mall more than makes up for it because customers that visit will find out why the parking lots are so full.

When people look at all of the stores, they will find many new favorites they can go into. They will also find stores that offer items that vary in cost. Therefore, people will be able to hang out at the store no matter how much money they make. There is going to be something even for people that have to pinch pennies.

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People can hang out at Manaira Shopping and take part in tons of free activities. At the same time, they can put together a shopping list of items they want to buy next time. A lot of thought has been put into Manaira towards the experience of the customers. The customer needs to have a good experience in order to consider coming back to the establishment. This is why a lot of precautions were taken to ensure the safety of the mall. Read more on Exame