Emergency Gold Conference Is Being Held This Month By US Money Reserve

The Emergency Gold Conference is a unique event that is bringing to light the current events that have followed the election of President Trump and how big an effect they’re having on the economy.

US Money Reserve, a private precious metals wholesale company is hosting this event and explaining how buying gold is a smart idea during times like these. Delivering most of the main addresses at this conference is Philip N. Diehl, the President of US Money Reserve who has released a new US Gold Report on the current value of gold. He also will discuss three reasons why people should buy gold right now.

US Money Reserve is one of the top distributors of gold and silver and they’ve built their reputation on delivering top service and information to clients. One of the reasons US Money Reserve believes people should be aware of buying gold is that stock markets and banks could take a hit during terrorist attacks, changes in Federal Reserve policies, cyber attacks and trade wars.

While paper currency could be devalued and investments could lose funds, gold and silver have been known to remain strong in value during such times. Buying gold and silver does have its risks, but US Money Reserve has released detailed information on the kinds of bullion that can work for each individual client.

Philip N. Diehl has been proud to work with US Money Reserve because he wants Americans to be able to secure their future by knowing about precious metals. Learn more about US Money Reserve:  https://www.bbb.org/central-texas/business-reviews/coin-dealers-supplies/u-s-money-reserve-inc-in-austin-tx-52264

Diehl helped people make informed decisions while serving as the 35th US Mint Director under President Bill Clinton. At the time of his arrival, the Mint had had difficulty managing finances and keeping rare coins in circulation.

But thanks to Diehl’s reform acts and new e-commerce system he introduced, the Mint gained billions in revenue and became one of the highest-rated customer satisfaction organizations.

Building up customer relationships and improving satisfaction is something US Money Reserve continues today because they have taken steps to recreate their website and update photo galleries to give clients more to see.

When purchasing from US Money Reserve, live help is always just a click away through the Client-Connect Advantage program. You can use a self-directed IRA program if you’re interested in turning your gold into protection for your retirement and taking complete control of how you use it. You can find out more about this program by going to www.USMoneyReserve.com.