Kim Dao Shares Some of Japan’s Best Hair Products

Kim Dao suggests that when buying an electrical hair product online, check the voltage to see if it is compatible with your country. Because Kim Dao colors her  hair quite often, she has some hair damage. Luckily, Kim Dao came across Kao Essential Damage Care. It’s a 30 second hair conditioner that is gentle enough to use every day that contains, honey, geletin, and proteins to help smooth and repair damaged hair. Learn more:


Kim Dao recommends Shiseido Ma Cherie Perfect Shower if you have hair that has been matted down from sleeping on it all night long. This product comes in a spray bottle to spray on the parts of the hair that are matted. Learn more:


Kim Dao’s favorite shampoo is Kao Merit Shampoo, a foam that washes out very quickly and saves water. This shampoo has fruit acids and eucalyptus extracts.


According to Kim Dao, hair fragrances are very popular in Japan. Venus Spa is one of the best hair fragrances to use if your hair smells from smoke, your dinner, and other undesired scents. Venus Spa contains hyaluronic acids and amino acids.


For hair that’s extra dry, Dao recommends Tsubaki Shiseido Extra Moist Shampoo. This popular shampoo contains camellia flower, and it not only hydrates the hair, it makes it more elastic, and it also has a wonderful fruity scent.


If you need treatment for your hair. finally Ms. Dao recommends Tsunami Damaged Hair Treatment, which contains camellia flower and amino acids. It can be smoothed through your hair daily. Learn more: