End Citizen United Goes Stronger

All over the world, the campaign period is usually an opportunity for wealthy people to spend large sums of money. Unfortunately, neither the source of the money nor the intents are clean. In most cases, the wealthy people pour billions of dollars into political campaigns with the single-minded goal of buying power. With it, the people’s right to a free and fair election as well as representation by the best candidate is bought. The birth of End Citizen United in 2015 was, therefore, good news for every patriotic American.


Fighting Back


In 2010, the Supreme Court made what is now popularly known as the Citizens United decision. It allowed corporates and unions to donate money in support of favored candidates. As a result, there was the entrance of big Political Action Committees (PACs) which have the power to raise and spend huge and unlimited sums of money. The ruling, however, did not deter concerned citizens from fighting back against a few people who were—and still are—only interested in pushing their own agenda and have no respect for accountability or transparency. Thus, End Citizens United was born.


Strength from the Roots


Taking the form of a traditional PAC, End Citizens United derives much of its support from the grassroots. The overwhelming support it has received from the American people is proof that they are ready to push the big money train out of the political tracks. Additionally, its supporters have shown their dedication in elimination of Citizens United and fighting for reforms in the financing of campaigns in America with the hope that lawmakers will take the cue and pass the necessary laws.


Giving Billionaires their Own Match


In just the first three months of 2017, the group has collected more than $4 million from its 100,000 donors—40,000 new. It expects to raise more than $35 million—up from the 2016 $25 million collections—before the midterm congress elections in 2018. Nevertheless, End Citizen United works as a traditional-style PAC and does not accept more than $5,000 in donation from an individual. In spite of the self-limit, the group emerged among the biggest Democratic financial supporters in the 2016 elections.




Apart from agitating for reforms in political campaigns financing, End Citizens United supports candidates who are ready to help fight Citizens United and bring the campaign finance system onto the right tracks. Most of them are Democrats. However, the PAC supports candidates who are usually threatened to be quashed by wealthy individual donors and big corporations with special interest in the outcome of elections as well as other groups and big PACs which pump large amounts of money whose sources cannot be accounted for into political campaigns. This is one step in the right direction for America.



Is Wen Best for You?

Wen is known for its plant-based ingredients and natural ingredients that boost the health of the hair. Several celebrities have even tried WEN and say the hair care line has nourished and transformed their hair.

If you’re still not fully convinced that the QVC advertised line is best for you, this Bustle review by Emily McClure may be helpful.

Emily McClure tried Wen’s Fig conditioner for a full week. On the first day, she says that her hair felt smoother and softer, and throughout the week she says that her hair retained more moisture than usual. Near the middle of the week, Emily heat-styled her hair on a day when she didn’t have time to wash her hair. Her style stayed intact for only a few hours before her curls fell. The conditioner made Emily’s hair oily, so her hair still looked healthy even though the curls weren’t as tight.

When McClure went out with friends at the end of the week, her friends commented on a Twitter photo on how healthy and shiny her hair was. This was confirmation for her that the conditioner was definitely working.

Overall, Emily says that she would recommend Wen conditioner and that the product did improve the condition of her hair. She also says that Wen is ideal for women who wash and heat-style their hair often, and for women with thin hair.

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All About UKV PLC

United Kingdom Vinters is a privately owned small organization that specializes in the consulting of wine purchasing. Due to the nature of the organization, they are not owned by any producer of wine but work together with a network of various wine brokers so thus there is no bias in their services. UKV PLC also allows for any types of meetings between its staff and its potential clients at the client’s comfort.

The types of wine that UKV PLC sells include the following: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagnes, Italian, and Spanish. Please keep in mind these are only the main types of wine while there can be multiple brands under each one.

UKC LPC has accounts on both Facebook and LinkedIn with both being frequently active as well as having adequate amounts of information on them about the organization. The FaceBook account is the more active of the two however as its feed is full of articles related to wine that are posted anywhere between two to three times throughout a single day. News articles related to wine are also posted on their official website, but their FaceBook account is more active in comparison. Overall, UKV PLC is active on social media and clearly cares about the industry they are based upon.

Purchasing wine through UKV PLC is a wise move for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, UKV PLC clearly shows from their social media activity that they are completely aware of any new developments within the wine industry making them very knowledgeable about it. Considering their vast network of brokers it’s very possible you can acquire the wine you desire for a cheaper price than other locations have it at. Finally, their expert consultation can help you pick the type of wine you need.

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Dick DeVos – A Great Businessman, Visionary, And Philanthropist

Richard “Dick” DeVos Jr or Dick DeVos as he is popularly known as is one of the most noted philanthropists in the United States today. He and his wife, Betsy DeVos, have made charitable donations that amount to over $139 million. Dick DeVos is the son of the co-founder of Amway Corporation; Richard DeVos Sr. Amway is known to be one of the largest manufacturing and distribution companies in the world when it comes to consumer products. Dick DeVos completed his graduation from Northwood University doing Bachelors in Business Administration.


Dick Devos joined his father’s company in 1974 and worked in various positions for the next ten years understanding the business from the ground up. It helped him understand the company, its culture, and its vision. It is what his father wanted so that he can align well with the mission of the Amway to provide high-quality consumer product to its vast clientele globally while benefitting the people who sell it by giving them the opportunity to earn their livelihood by becoming company’s dealer. Dick DeVos was promoted to the position of company’s Vice President in 1984 and was responsible for managing company’s operation in 18 countries. He gained significant experience during his tenure as Vice President at Amway. It inspired him to found his own business, and thus, he left Amway in 1989 to form Windquest Group, which dealt in manufacturing, supplying and storage of organizers.


In the year 1991, father of Dick DeVos asked him to manage the Orlando Magic basketball franchise, which the DeVos acquired that time. However, he has also involved actively in the business and management of Windquest Group at that point. When his father retired from Amway in 1993, Dick DeVos returned to Amway, this time as President. Amway went through major transformation and restructuring in 2000, which was overseen by Dick DeVos. During the reorganization of Amway, a parent company named Alticor Corporation was formed. Alticor Corporation, established by Dick DeVos comprised of Amway Corporation, Access Business Group, and Quixtar Corporation. It is this new structure that helped the company reach out new markets and expanded its foothold in 50 new countries.


Dick DeVos retired from his post at Amway in 2002 to focus his time and efforts on the success of his other company, Windquest Group. He also wanted to devote his time to political, social and charitable causes. Both Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy DeVos, are attached to many social and charitable causes, including the Economic Freedom Fund, which they both head together since 1993. The fund is dedicated to helping fund worthy students to go ahead and pursue higher studies through the scholarship provided by the fund. In 2016, Dick DeVos and family gave $11.6 million in a donation for various charitable causes. The DeVos family in entirety has made charitable donations amounting to $1.33 Billion in their lifetime.


How to improve online reputation in 2017

Online reputation is super important to any website or business owners. It is important to be careful what you post (individual or businesses) and what is posted about you because you never know the impact down the road. Every once and while take a step back and think about what your name really means. What would someone think when they saw your logo or name?

Now that it is a new year it is time to get refreshed on the top five ways to improve your current reputation situation as provided by Forbes.

1) Google yourself or your business

Take note of what pops up as the top results. Most people will not scroll down very far so focus on the first handful of links. Would you be satisfied with those results? Are they positive or negative? If mostly negative information is coming up there needs to be immediate action. You can not delete what is on Google, but you can try and hide it or cover it up with more positive news.

2) Check all social media accounts

Whether you are an individual or business owner you should always scan through your social media posts to make sure they are appropriate. Are you proud of what has been posted? If not, get rid of all the harmful content.

3) Check email communication

Scroll through the inbox and judge how well you have been communicating with people in your contact list. Are you forgetting anyone?
4) Update bio information

It is important to be clear and concise in all bios. It should be a short summary of who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. Something that will grab an individuals attention. It helps to put in a link to your work.

5) Spread the word

The best way to get yourself out there is to communicate and publish content relative to the industry you work in.


Philanthropy Forms The Backbone Of The Work Of Dick DeVos

I have always taken a keen interest in the work of business leaders from across the world and have recently become interested in the life and work of the former President of the AmWay group Dick DeVos. In the last I was only aware of Dick through his work with AmWay and a little from his own Windquest group investments in green energy that have made some headlines; however, reading an interview with Dick’s wife Betsy with the Philanthropy Roundtable made it clear to me that both of these impressive members of the DeVos family have made a major commitment to helping others that they have carried through for many years. In fact, Dick and Betsy stumbled into the education reform community when they began visiting schools in their own Grand Rapids area of Michigan and found many families were struggling to simply provide a competitive education for their children. Many of the programs established to support existing school choice programs and develop new ones are completed through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which has been a major source of innovation and financial backing for groups and programs across the U.S. In their own Grand Rapids area of the world, Dick and Betsy have made a major investment in school choice with the development of the West Michigan Air Academy charter school that is located in the ground of Gerald R. Ford International Airport; the academy was originally the brainchild of Betsy DeVos when she wished to back her husbands interest in air travel that is shared by thousands of young people across the state. I have always been impressed by the need of people who have achieved much in their life to help others who are also looking to develop their own future, which has been shown in the work of Dick DeVos as he has backed many different programs and business ventures in his home area of Grand Rapids. Many of the investments Dick and Betsy DeVos have made through The Windquest group have been based in Grand Rapids, as has the work completed by Dick to bring economic stability to the region through his involvement with the Grand Action group in Grand Rapids.


Securus is Great for Christmas Visits

Securus is giving people that are in prison a whole lot to be thankful for these days. I have been hearing about this communication platform for about a year, and I think that the video visitation numbers will surge for

Securus . I know that this company has been giving people a chance to skip the prison visitation and simply visit their homes.


I like the way that this company has made the lives of so many people easier with this communication. I love my family members that are imprisoned, and they are always on my mind, but I don’t want to visit a prison on my Christmas break. It is just too depressing for my family. I may sound a bit cruel, but I am just being honest. I don’t want to visit the prison system during this time. That is why I was am so glad to see what Securus is doing for people that want to visit their family members that are on the inside.


I would never take my children to a prison for any type of visit. I just don’t like that environment. I will, however, let them join in on the prison visitation. This a great way for me get my children to get the chance to experience what it is like to communicate with their cousins on the inside. This visit is so important to me and my girls. It gives me a chance to use technology, and that is a plus. It also gives them a chance to communicate with cousins that they will not get to see any other way. That is also a good thing. The most valuable thing of all is the questions that they have had after the video visit. They want to know why these relatives were locked away. They wanted know how long the jail sentence was. They get the chance to visually witness someone that they know that has had their freedom taken away.


There are other companies out there that have this type of communication, but Securus is climbing towards a 1 million visitation users so this must be the best of the best. This communication platform has been a real time saver for me.